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I've made a tumblr!

I'm so original!

Anywho, check there for previews, prototypes, and scrapped cards. You can also ask me stuff if you're that bored.


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These are really high-quality. What do you use to make these?
So... saw the MTG cards and thought to myself, hey, he's got a large enough set for me to make a deck out of them! So... I did. Even built a mana curve for it and everything, so it should be decent- I'll let you know when I actually get a chance to test it against a few of my friends later this week.
competition gasp
i really like the magic set your creating it just seem a little heavy on the multicolored cards. reminiscent of shard of alara in a way. but all in all i am looking forwards to seeing the rest of the set keep up the good work
DrFatalChunk Jun 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave pal! :)
Happy Birthday!
happy birthday!! I can you see in 1 note from deviantart
EliteBeatAgent May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very well done on the cards, they're well made and quite balanced on their own (without infinite combos).
NEWF-The-DRAGON May 2, 2012
Nice arts
just going to let you know that im going to starting watching you, and im going to try and comment on any new cards you make (i lack the time to make my own and upload them)

keep up the good work!
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